Doggy is my favorite way to be entered!
It doesn't get better than this ;)
Playing with you before I guide you in..
Sliding inside that pussy was euphoric
Sliding his monster cock into my ass
Going to work as soon as I sit on it
That moment when he enters my already soaking pussy
The clit rub before I get entered gets me every time.
When it’s on, it’s on.
The view from here 👀
It's a mind-blowing feeling when he stretches me.
My favorite part.. doggystyle
Slide it into my ass
Fuck yes!
so wet it got a little slippery
Enough slapping and put it in already daddy I can’t wait any longer 🤭
Look, no hands!
That moment his thick cock enters in
Taking his morning wood
Up close and personal
When he rubs over my clit before putting it in!
This is the best feeling in the whole world
the sensation is indescribable when it enters for the first time, but I keep imagining a real cock
Missionary Entry
I always enjoy a little teasing first [mf]
That first pop is the best
He teased me for so long!
Pure pleasure
Letting her drive the boat
Smack my ass
Dripping wet and waiting
I love taking every inch 🥵
Best every time [OC]
how delicious! When I feel him entering, I roll my eyes
My favorite part..
It feels so good !
I was creaming on it within a minute 🤤
Love letting it go in and out of my mouth like this
I love when you start w/ the tip and work your way in
Taking my favourite seat
Rub it on my lips before you stretch me out 🤤
Play with it before it goes in 🥲😈👅
Taking every inch slowly
i like it when he strokes his cock on my clit and then sticks it in my pussy
Entering Jessie From Toy Story
Consider this my invitation
A close up of the best feeling ever
Love the feeling of a big dick sliding in my tiny ass
Oiled ass riding 😈❤️
It's like entering heaven
Teasing me before he slides in
The best feeling ever
As a matter of fact, sometimes it's like that
I love when he first slides in and gives my pussy a stretch 🥵![OC][MF]
a very tight moment
I love when she reaches back and puts it in :)
When he slides into my ass I just melt 🥵
my pussy is like the bermuda triangle once you go in you never come out [fm]
I teased him with his tip before starting my ride 😜
I love to take the control😈🤯
I love having my ass stretched being looked in the eyes
That feeling when it first pops into your asshole
I loved watching my dick go in this Redditor’s pussy
When it slides right into that wet, warm pussy
Car sex 🤤
PAWG MILF getting on top.
Teasing my asshole before he pushes it in, my ass is so tight he doesn’t last long
No Escape
I love when he teases me first
Slide it complete and then remove it completely 🤤🤤🤤🥵😈
He shot his cum into my spread pussy so he could use it as lube 🤗
Upzip my dress and go in raw please
slide it in and she moans😈 she was so horny for my dick
A nice creamy insertion
She feels fucking amazing
Plugging away
He took me when I least expected it
Filling me softly with his cock
Push it in please.
POV close-up
But babe she’s just a friend
It's like nothing else. OMG, even thinking about it makes me horny
Feeling his fat cock hit the beads made cum hard.
Sitting down on it is my favorite part
I always imagine this is the unicorn's view if she and I 69'd while he fucked me like this.
I shiver before he enters with everything
He couldn’t handle it… he had to pull out and put it back in more than once
Feeling my ass stretch for his cock is the best feeling ever
I love sliding his big dick in my wet pussy
That first time he slides it in 🥵😍
This would feel much better with your cock...
The most glorious moment of every sex session
Giving him a special lap dance
Watching something big and black disappear inside me is the best feeling a girl can have
The moment he slides inside