Watch them come closer & closer to your face…
How brave are you feeling? Wanna worship my feet in the car 👅
Just trying to tempt you to take a lick 👅
I wish it was resting on your face right now 🤍
Black pantyhose 🖤
The sweetest pair of tights 🖤
Comfy panties
Peachy tease
White cotton socks in the car 🚗
PJs & heels 🍓
Nude pantyhose… I love you 🤍
Caught you peeking up my plaid skirt
I love these polka-dot tights
Let me touch your nose with my sole…
My ass is consuming my panties
Hoping it’s not windy out
My black Calvin’s 🖤
Black Calvin Klein’s
Wiggling my toes 🤍
Bet you didn’t expect green 💚
Nude nylon soles are very cute🤍
Wish I was sitting on your face rn…
Polka-dots 🖤
These smell incredible…
Try not to get too distracted
My little black thong.
Shiny black heels are a favourite of mine 🖤
Your face looks like the perfect foot-stool 🤍
Feet incoming…
Showing you my long legs in stockings 🍒
A pop of colour
My little booty is in need of a smack
Wish you would rub your face all over them 🤍
If I turn around now, I hope you have a bulge for me to play with…
What colour today.. hmm 🤔
You best not be looking down my top !
Jiggling in my yellow panties
I wonder where you looked first 👀
My nylon soles are coming towards you! 🖤
Bare legs & nude heels 🤍
Yellow full-backs 💛
Nude stockings for today 🤍
Beige nylon soles, hope you love them
Rest your face on my soles…🤭
A sock-job in the car would be [f]un…
The comfiest panties
Long legs, wrapped in polka-dot nylon 🖤
I’m obsessed with these stockings 🤍
Sun-lit & waiting for your tongue
Yellow panties
Fresh out of my sweaty socks…
Might aswell show you under my dress
Denim on denim 💙
Nude legs, nude heels 🤍
Comfy soles on the sofa 🛋️
Socks on or off? 🤔
My feet are getting close to your mouth… wanna lick them? 👅
I found the perfect pillow for you! My soles…
Red patent heels 👠
It’s a little tight
Feet on the dashboard 🚗
Love these glossy red pumps 👠
I’m a little bunny ❤️
Love shaking my ass for you
Trying my hardest to get you to lick me 👅
I wanna give you a FJ in the car…
Making a meal of my panties
A close-up, just for you 🤭
Let’s put your tongue to good use 😋
Can I be your retro date? 👠 [F] 5ft10
Bedroom heels 👠
Purple panties 💜
Waiting for your licks 👅
Comfies under my nightie 🍓
One on… one off 🤍
Can’t go wrong with nude stockings 🤷🏻‍♀️
Watch them come closer & closer to your face…
Retro look with black nylons 🖤👠
These frilly socks are so soft
I’m sure we can both agree, your face is the perfect place for my feet to rest
Just a little tease [F]
A cheeky little tease…
Let me slip off my sliders and tease you…
How CUTE are these pantyhose!
I’ve checked, nobody is around! I’ll slip my toes into your mouth 🚘
I think I might be taller than you in these…
My panties match my dress 🍒
My feet get so sweaty in these heels 👠
Bunny got booty
Polka-dot pantyhose 🖤
Long legs, your favourite
My first ever little panty peel
Extra cheeky 🍑
The safari guide lures the wild beast in by scrunching her soles… 🦜🐘
Let’s have some fun in the car 🚗
I can’t wait for you to get home from work 🤭😈
Stretching out my long legs
Pantyhose & heels…
Hmm.. what colour full-backs today? 🤔
Would this tempt you to have a little taste?