Where are we going on our date tonight? (F40)
Rumor is that you’re looking for a MILF Titty Drop to help you get off. May I introduce…myself. (F40)
Getting stares when I’m out, makes me want to come home and strip down for you. (F40)
As the only 40 YO MILF of the neighborhood I have certain responsibilities. What do you think the top 3 are?
Got my new dress. Just had to show you. (F40)
I’m 40 years old. That means I still act like a sex starved teenager but with ALL the right kind of experience.
The boots stay on. The rest is up to you. (F)0
Happy Thursday MILF lovers!
40 YO MILF in search of some help around the house. Compensation depends upon experience and skill level.
My superpower? Turning a cute summer dress into a “bend me over” dress in 1 second. (F40)
Sinful Sunday is ending, MILF Monday is tomorrow. Sounds like a perfect time for a MILF titty reveal. (F40)
Juicy too. (F40)
Nothing would make me happier than knowing you’re masturbating to my nudes. Don’t you want me to be happy? (F40)
Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m off the menu. What’ll you have? (F40)
Hubby said I could have whatever I want as long as I’m satisfied. Too much pressure? (F40)
I know it’s just Titty Tuesday, but I thought I’d get naked anyway. Didn’t think you’d mind. (F40)
Hope you stop scrolling. Edging with an audience is one of my biggest kinks. (F40)
Where are we going on our date tonight? (F40)
I enjoy the games and I always pay up when I lose. (F40)
MILFs are a lot of fun. Contact your friendly neighborhood MILF for more information. (F40)
This is how I pick you up at the airport. Now what? (F40)
Celebrated MILFs on Monday, Showed my tits on Tuesday… Guess we know what we’re doing for Hump Day. (F40)
My MILF Monday inform is on and I’m ready for inspection. (F40)
A topless MILF is a happy MILF, but a MILF that knows she gets your cock hard is even happier. (F40)
Wanted to share a little “MILF magic” with you to help you through your Hump Day
Suddenly a wild MILF appears on your back porch. How do you respond? (F40)
The thing about multiple orgasms is that the first one can be all for show. Have a seat. (F40)
Oh… You have a bad case of the Thirsty Thursdays coming on. I’m afraid there is only one cure. I prescribe lots of stroking your cock to my tits before finally exploding. Repeat as needed. (F40)
Hubby knows what happens when he’s gone. He approves, he just wants pics (F40)
I could feel you looking. (F40)
Will you forgive me for wearing white after Labor Day if I fix it really fast? (F)40
Nothing to see here really. Just a 40 YO MILF showing what’s under her boring bikini. (F40)
Thong and tits. Doing my part to make sure you have an awesome Titty Tuesday. (F40)
Where my MILF lovers at? (F40)
I think we’d both feel better if you’d just masturbate to my nudes. (F40)
Just a little something to help you “get started” today. (F40)
Can you take me to the candy shop. I’m looking for a lollipop. (F40)
I think you deserve a top and bottom view. Enjoy! (F40)
Do you like my jewelry? (F40)
It’s my Cake Day! How many of you could I talk into cumming? (F40)
Before and after our date. Should we grab fast food or dine in? (F)40
MILFs just make it feel natural. (F40)
I’m married, but that just makes it hotter to you doesn’t it? I like that. (F40)
What kind of MILF would I be if I didn’t bring treats for MILF Monday? (F)40
My husband likes to take me out so I can flirt and see if anyone hits on me. Would you say hi. (F40)
It’s super simple. You entertain me while hubby is away and make sure I have something to talk about when he comes home. (F40)
How to spot a Horny MILF: The one that can’t keep her top on even thought people are here working on the house. (F40)
Guaranteed to drip from your chin too. (F)40
Better masturbate to my nudes or you won’t have anything to confess to at church tomorrow and that would be a waste of time. (F40)
Welcome to Camp MILF. I’ll be your counselor. Just let me get into uniform real quick. (F40)
I have a present for you, I just have to unwrap it. Spoiler: It’s my tits. (F40)
Can we do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files? (F40)
It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? (F40)
Me? A tease? With my pussy? Yes, yes I am. (F)40
Bouncing MILFs make everything better. Feel free to masturbate to my tits if you need help getting through the week. (F40)
Only the best wife’s show off their tits online for other men to stroke their cock to. (F40)
Happy Sinful Sunday Milfie (F40)
Would you meet me on the top deck of the boat after dark? (F40)
40 years old, married, mom of 3. I hope none of those would stop you from snuggling the fuck out of me.
Rarrr (F)40
Hoping my leopard print and leather gets me into the right trouble this weekend. (F)40
MILFs fuck better and cum harder. (F40)
Me? I’m just the unassuming mom next door that is hoping to make your cock hard. How am I doing? (F40)
Go pour me another glass and see what happens. (F40)
What kind of MILF would I be if I didn’t do my part for you on Titty Tuesday? (F40)
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but would you fuck me, if I asked you nicely? (You aren’t here for my poetry skills, just humor me) (F40)
Special Titty Tuesday delivery. Where would you like me to drop these off? (F40)
Sheer excitement and anticipation (F40)
40 year old, Married, mom of 3, but that’s not going to stop you is it?
I don’t ask for much, just bring me a drink on the porch and let me flash my tits for you. (F40)
Dressed for success. (F)40
Ah ah ah. Not until I know you’re stroking your cock. There ya go. Just like that. (F40)
I didn’t become a MILF by demanding pull outs, I’m not about to start now. (F40)
Right here on the bar you say? (F40)
What are you adding to my 40 YO MILF tits? Mouth, cock or cum?
Do you have Married 40 YO MILF on your Fuck-It list? Could I convince you to add it?
Just making some last minute preparations for my cake day on Monday. You’re coming, right? (F40)
How do you take my….. I mean your peaches? (F40)
Hey r/Slut. 40 YO married MILF here. Do I belong on your naughty or nice list?
Good morning r/Nudes! Shall we have some fun and fuck around on this frigid, festive Friday?
If you aren’t too busy on this beautiful Saturday, can I be on the to-do list?
TGFTT! Thank God For Titty Tuesday! [F40]
Happy MILF Monday. Don’t forget to tribute your friendly neighborhood MILF.
MILFs bring the best treats, don’t they?
Can I convince you to spend Sinful Sunday with me? 39 YO married MILF
On the verge of 40 and still feeling flirty, fun and fuckable. Would you still play with me?
How’s my reveal technique?
Happy Fuck Me Friday. I’ll be your host. Let’s begin. (OC)
Hi r/Slimandstacked! Is there room for a 40 YO MILF on your naughty list this Christmas?
Would you drop by for some of my homemade holiday MILF treats?
Tits on display for you to enjoy.
We made it to Fuck Me Friday! Can I be your host for today? 39 YO married MILF
It’s MILF Monday! To celebrate, here are my MILF tits! I hope you enjoy.
Hi Slimandstacked! First time posting here. To celebrate, here are my tits. 39 YO MILF.
Guys! It’s my birthday month. How are we going to celebrate?
I turn 40 next week, but I bet I can still make your cock throb. (OC)
Oh, HI! 40 YO MILF here. Just passing through and wanted to make sure you were taken care of on Titty Tuesday. 😘
I feel like my outfit is complete for the day.
Happy Fuck Me Friday. I’ll be your host. Let’s begin.
Milf Monday had commenced. Let’s partake in the festivities.
Just wanting to show you my 39 YO MILF tits. (OC)