If you 'accidently' walked in on me in the booth I may not mind so much
Love her ass slapping against mine with just the toy between us
It was her first time being a Unicorn for a couple
Naked and feeling a bit Milfy
My had to watch a real manfuck me hard and fast and I have to admit I loved it
I'm a Milf, not a lady, and need to be treated as such
I know my husband likes me to take care of his friends when visiting and being the good hotwife that I am I do so happily
My husbands says to fuck me
When I'm horny I really don't care what your doing, I want it now
I couldn't stop sucking so she could have a turn
Sometimes I like to eat out and try new things
The position allows for the head of his cock to rub my g-spot so well
Dropping them at the gym for you is my sneaky little hobby
Heading to church and was feeling a bit aroused
Love a man who knows his way around my vagina
More fun when you can squeeze them
Romantic scenery took over and we got naked
Someone knocked then ran away before I could greet them properly
Thank goodness school is back so I can get to this at home uninterrupted
Proud of my ability to enjoy two men at the same time
Lucky hubby fucking this hot latina and hearing her moan is such a turn on for me
While I was eagerly sucking on his cock and his fingers slipping gently in and out of my pussy, my husband just stood aside and watched with a smile on his face
We had a friendly competition who had a stronger grip
It really helps being bisexual when I find myself twisted around in a threesome
Something I sent a married friend of mine recently
Once I find the right spot to grind on her, I'm not stopping
The taste of my own pussy is a big turn on as well
Appropriate use of the office facilities if you ask me
Lucky hubby said she is more than welcome to visit anytime she wants
I always feel happy sucking cock
I enjoy a submissive girl that lets me have my way with her
I wanted to share something with you today
Could have used someone doing this to my ass at the same time
If you 'accidently' walked in on me in the booth I may not mind so much
Is there a better way to spend time in the sauna than this?
This is how I would ride your face
Can't let it all go to waste on my body
Can't think of a nicer way to say I love you then riding your face
I could defineatly feel his cock hitting my cervix in a way my cuck can't
Let me rub your face with my tits
Once I found out how stimulating anal play can be, it was a game changer
Never met a man who didn't enjoy these slapping him in the face but you never know, one migh be out there somewhere
When you hit that one spot that really makes you dig your heels in and make that orgasm great
I call this my Ginger snap creampie
I reward hard work around the house with blowjobs
When I'm cock hungry I get a little impatient
As someone who's a whole ten years older than her, I'm starting to wonder if this makes me more of a sophisticated, confident lesbian cougar than anything else! 🐾✨
If I invited you to the back office and did this, what is your next move?
This is why you should always limber up before playing
I could be bouncing like this on your cock
Good to the last drop
I think this is why she keeps coming back to visit me
Just a quick flash while my trainer is looking away
Hubby says her oral skills and hand technique will something he remembers for a long time
Hubby's friend came over for a little friendly spitroast
Our favorite threesome position may be the double cowgirl
This BDSM couple invited us to play and mentioned they were a little kinky. The wife was tied up like this the whole time while we all took turns having sex
I like to do a little lick and tease
She really knows how to make a woman feel welcome in her town
His cumshot landed in just the right place for us to share it
Mind helping me get the spots I can't reach?
Not sure how he can handle so much stimulation but he does it well
I never mind putting on a show for the hubbys friends
I'll pull them out only if you promise to suck on them
Jewels can move me around any way she wants
Visiting a fellow hotwife and I really wanted to get a taste of the fun
I'm so glad I'm able to multitask but she didn't make it easy
When in doubt, just shove it in your mouth
One of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities
Not sure who actually just sleeps in hotel rooms anymore
I love to feel it get thick in my mouth
I was put on display and used. I loved it!
He said 'feed me' so I gave him something to eat
When your husband invites a friend over, it's polite to let him eat first before playing
Rubbing them will relieve your stress
Another way I like to fuck other girls with my dildos
The natural place for a cock is in my mouth of course
It's the reason for the season!
This big dick made me a little sore after sucking, but worth it
Her fingers and my tongue were working so fast
My husband likes to share me and make sure I have plenty of men to play with
Sometimes at the party you have to sit one out
She was focused on my hubby but I was focused on her pussy and her cuck just sat in the corner and watched
I hope you're ready for this moms special treats
Ass bouncing and tits in his face are a favorite of both of ours
Nothing I enjoy more than worshipping the cock and the balls
Store bought but still lots of fun to play with
No work drops today but dropping them at home
On the floor because I’m very versitile
Store bought but still lots of fun to play with
Pre-Gym boobies this morning
No hands needed
I take 'slobbin' the knob' seriously
Can't shower without a titty drop first
There is no wrong way to rinse off
When I want to give a bj I don't want to wait
Not sure if he was Irish but he was very lucky that day
The thin robe feels good on them
I don't let it out till I'm damn good and ready
Spray me down when I'm hot and I'll be yours forever
These could cause TBI to your head (Tramatic Booby Injury)