Look, I got the perfect place for your face πŸ˜‹
Jello got nothing on me
I made my first
ass so soft you can knead it while you eat it
ever fucked a 40 yr old mom built like me?
As the president of our local soccer moms club I make sure the coach is greatly appreciated
do yo think my trainer would enjoy seeing me in these pants?
If you were my trainer would this be a reward or torture for you?
I know you've heard this before, but jello really got nothing me
You guys, I did it, I finally did it! I smashed Hulk!
My pussy is a little furry, would that stop you from eating it?
I love a good wedgie like a fat kid loves cake πŸ˜‹
Can you handle my MILF body in your face?
I went to a gym in Kansas and momma got the boys taking double looks
The type of ass you share with friends
Do you like the way my ass bounces? 50% OFF on my Onlyfans today πŸ’œ Link in comments
Can mommy give you a face massage with happy ending?
these pants always make the guys in the gym smile from ear to ear
I don't know why, but black guys stare at me the most.. must be a bbc thing
do you like my new swimsuit? I've never had one like that
are you eating or fucking first? [oc]
too short for a 41 yr old mom or just right?
41 yr old mom with a very bubbly personality
real soccer mom with the phattest ass on the sidelines (41f)
If you have BBC would you notice me walking by?
If my Mombod makes your Monday a little less mundane I’ll be a happy gal ☺️
After the Reddit blackout I’m testing new ways to make posts. Can you tell me if you see anything?
this is for the early birds that are lurkin' and jerkin'
real soccer mom with an ass that makes the kids coach stutter
Mom curves bursting out ahead
i hope my Milf jiggle can make you dick wiggle [oc]
are these shorts appropriate for a 41 yr old mom?
be honest, should I keep posting on my account if my posts keep going unnoticed?😏 I think my posts are sexy, but you dont see them
Watching #MarchMadness for the 1st time this year and I'm loving it! πŸ€ πŸ’•
You should let me jiggle my ass on your face for a good cause
Growing my ass one squat at a time. How’s it looking?
I went down by the river and flashed my ass for good luck πŸ€
When backshots sound like Chicago you know the ass is phat 🀭 (keep your volume up)
would you notice my 41 yr old mom bod in the gym?
Im just a regular 41 yr old mom trying to slow down the clock
what do you like eating more, ass or pussy?
I love how my ass moves with such ease
If you're a fan of Mary Jane and phat ass this post is for you! Happy Herb Day to all celebrating!
I'm 41 and you're still in college. Would you brag to your friends that we're fucking?
Im covered from head to toe, it doesnt get milder than this [f]
I'll never do a full face reveal, but I can show you my ass in all it's glory anytime
I never announce here that I go Live on Onlyfans, but since I've been asked I want to give heads up to those that might be interested in hanging out and get to see me Live. For only $3.75 you can watch me Live tonight at (around) 7pm CST and also unlock 1000+ posts full of explicit play
This is a very rare sight - my Milfy hairy pussy. It's not everyone's thing, but believe it or not it's still loved by many
I think 41 with kids looks pretty good on me (oc)
My ass is like a marshmallow you can fuck
Welcome to butt crack heaven! Licking is mandatory πŸ˜‹
All summer eating bbq went straight to my ass
motivating the boys in the gym to pump more iron (oc)
41 yr old amateur panty model
i dont know about other women, but I walk around with wet panties on the regular, some days my pussy is just so slippery and needy for a dick πŸ’¦
Moms serve the best breakfast. You cant change my mind
I love getting looks at the gym. It makes me fuck hubby even harder (41F)
the shorter the shorts the bigger the slut, amirite πŸ˜‰ (41F)
I love seeing guys stare at my mombod in the gym
My mombod in all its glory, with stretchmarks and cellulite. Take it or leave it?
Im pretty sure your dick will be happy if you stop and look at this post..
Do you think my jiggly ass can earn me a creampie?
I need a working cuck. Better if it's a caged one, to be on his knees behind me and licking my ass and tongue fucking it while I'm gagging on black dick. Get my pussy ready to get fucked by a big black dick
I’m your friend’s mom. Would you ever look at me thinking β€œDamn, I wish she can sit on my face” ?
How’s my body for a 41 yr old mom. Can I still get it?
ever wondered what I look like? this is the only gif you can see my face, hope you like
Do you think you can resist my pussy grip and pull out on time?
Are you getting tired of looking at my phat juicy Milf ass?
Idk, it's really a shame that you wouldn't know about this fun and sexy video because of your reddit algorithm
ass stuffed to perfection! .. I mean.. how can you not take a video of it?!
i hope my step son and his friends don't browse in this sub
a touch of cellulite is like icing on the cake
I hope this is enough ass for breakfast πŸ₯Ή
how long before you get hard with my mom bod in your face?
ass built in the gym will always be superior to the one given by the doctors, you can't change my mind
41 yr old mom on a mission to make
I think moms over 40 should have a weekend boyfriend. Do you agree?
This is the very first gif someone took from my Twitter and shared on Reddit. I had no Reddit account and a follower from Twitter told me it was a top post. That's what made me create an account and start sharing my content here
40 y/o mom, the older im getting the bigger my booty grows [oc]
soccer mom hotter than your future ex girlfriend
The jiggle is real even in tight jeans [oc]
Is this sub active? If so, here is some relevant content for you to enjoy :)
Is this BBC creampie worthy? [oc]
I don't want to brag, but my ass is a BBC head turner. Fully dressed.
if you were a virgin would you let me be the first ass to smother your face?
i think dads at pick up time have no idea how much ass i'm hauling under
getting tired of seeing my milfy jiggly ass yet?
i hope this cheeky gif perks up your day 😘
i hope my mombod can make somebody smile today 😘
would you spot this 40 yr old mom at the gym?
i'm married, but still available to play
.. I was wondering why my kid's soccer coach was extra chatty
40 yr old mom with an ass that moves like jello πŸ˜‹
hi, i think you need this one today :)
40 yr old mom, would you take a double look?
I'm just a regular soccer mom and a proud owner of this ass
would you put my mombod on your
Who wins today, USA or England? ⚽️⚽️
any husbands into wives with big butts?