He can watch and play with his cock all he wants as long as I get to keep getting to fuck these guys with way bigger cocks
We had a little fun at VS and I walked around the mall with his cum on my face
The ending is so perfect
I mean what girl doesnt like getting bent over and their hair pulled
People ask all the time what’s the size difference between my husband and a bull, well here it is.. yes I love the fact of a getting a new cock and fucked by a new person but if I’m going to play I want it big that’s just my preference
I love kissing my husband while getting fucked
Feeling his tongue deep in my pussy and his big cock filling my mouth, much more then i can take. While watching hubby stroke his cock loving what a slut I’m being makes this life so exciting!
I love the way he slapped my pussy with his cock first so hubby could see exactly what was going in me, it fells so good to have a new cock especially one that makes me feel so full
I love when i cum and he just doesnt stop
I felt lucky to be the first girl to lick her pussy it was cute that she was a little nervous
Pushing her head down on his cock like a good little slut
Feeling very pretty in pink
If your cocks this hard im sucking it no matter where we are
Work my pussy like this and I’m guaranteed to cum
It's always sweet to take care of my husband first then he gets to sit and enjoy watching me take care of the bull, not sure which he enjoys more though
I think it’s safe to say my husband loved me laying on top of him while a bull gave me a facial so cute watching him try to reach my face to cum with his much smaller cock
When you get caught flashing by the maintenance guy
Loving every minute of it
Making it hard to resist me
Isn’t hot when you man gets on his knees to lick you [MF]
Tied me up and used my mouth
Hubby let’s me have all the dick I want because he knows I need it [FMM]
His cock just give me what my husbands can’t
it was incredibly hot having sex on a crowded public beach [MF]
I love the feeling of being in control, all the times he fucks me if feels so great to be the one thrusting into him
[MF] giving her a helping hand :)
Watching eachother fuck is so sexy! [MF]
How about even more more guy? Never tried but I need to
Tillys has great changing rooms love the fact you could see my feet from the other side
No panties is a great way to let guys know you want it and your ready!
This bull had such a beautiful cock I felt so lucky to suck it
I love to yell fuck this pussy it really gets him going [MF]
I was absolutely stunned by how big this guys cock was! Sometimes I stop and appreciate the moment, I get big cocks like this and I’m happily married
I love to compare the difference between a bulls huge cock and husbands
Getting it in his ass is my favorite
Watching her lick her bulls balls like this
I love when a bulls cock is bigger then my face something about it just makes me feel like he deserves that I please him
What it looks like when everyone is winning
All tied up sucking his cock
He loves it when I go deeep and slow! I can’t wait to see him cum in his cage one day I’m going to keep trying!
I told the bull to get over my face so hubby could see me worship the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen
A cock this fat deserves two hands
He just kept fucking me even after I came and my knees feel weak
Victoria secret has great changing rooms :)
This tail really should be your cock [F]
Imgurstroke your cock while I play with my pussy [MF]
I love when his cocks already nice and hard for me
Telling my husband how fucking good this new bulls cock felt inside me
A blowjob for my husband and a cock twice the size of his for me!
He wanted a up close and personal view but it got a little messy when I bull came all over my pussy, it might have dripped on his face
When your used to riding 6 inches then you try riding 9
I’ve cum multiple time watching my wife suck his dick
Would your stomach drop if you got this text?
Hey while your back there ;)
Bent over a treated just like I need to be
[MF] didn’t get any candy but I sure got a lot of cum on Halloween
If I had a dick she would have gave me a boner, her juicy little nipples
Sliding glass door is a great place to put it for neighbors to see :)
Grinding on a fat cock that’s not my husbands
I didn’t mind being at the back of the train licking her sweet ass
i enjoy fucking the cum right out of him [GIF]
I felt like such a good girl when he pulled his big cock out of me and I could feel his cum on my back! That is my prize for being a good hotwife
The short answer is yes, I made him suck this bulls dick with me, merry Christmas ;)
I wish I could have fit the whole thing
Fucking him this and letting his huge cock pop out so I can show my husband when I get home
I’m so glad he gets to cum watching suck a cock way bigger then his because I get to cum from getting fucked by a cock way bigger then his
Almost better then the real thing!
He loves to spoil me and show my holes so much love! [MF]
I love the feeling of a bulls thick cock getting hard in my mouth it’s just better then what I get at home
A blonde and a brunette make a great combo!
What girl doesn’t love doggystyle
Getting home from long day being rewarded to with his cum
[MFF] It didn’t take much to convince my friend to suck hubbys cock with me just little push of the head to let her know it was okay
after all the times he pushed my head down, it’s about time i push his down on my bulls cock
[MFF] my husband came all over us while we played with a double ended dildo
I couldn’t even think of hubbys cock inside me with this huge dick in front of me, just imagining how much better it is going to feel
I love fucking him till I get to watch all his cum shoot out, and then fucking MORE!
Imgur this is exactly how I like it!
If you not eating my ass I’m not about it [MF]
It’s one thing to get fucked by a big dick but it’s another when i have a couple drinks and start pound his dick with my pussy
Soooo hot feeling his cock grow in my mouth till he’s gagging me
Teasing my asshole before he pushes it in, my ass is so tight he doesn’t last long
Sucking a guys dick while staring at my husband, priceless
Got so excited for this new cock
Little bit of whiplash on this one
I get to enjoy a bull with a bunch bigger cock and he gets to touch himself and watch me be satisfied
When I finally get a big dick that doesn’t fall out when I want to ride it
He can watch and play with his cock all he wants as long as I get to keep getting to fuck these guys with way bigger cocks
Showing hubby some love while my bulls shows my pussy some love
It’s not hard to see which cock I preferred
He fucks me so hard watching me suck someone else dick he even helped remind me to keep sucking when I stopped
I’m such a spoiled wife
Hubby got so turned on watching me get fucked he came all over my face!
A bull vs my husband just look at the difference
Going back and fourth him fucking me then me riding and slapping him then him going crazy and pounding my pussy [MF]