I promise I do have nipples!
Offering thick tiddies for breakfast!
A festive dress to entice breeding
The subtle art of stripping :D
I may not look like it at first glance but I'm stacked!
Our kids will be well fed!
What I didn't get in melanin I made up for in tiddies!
Not what you'd expect on a 5'2 frame
For the special elite who loves big hangers
I don't know if this is sexy or just weird but... this is me :D
The kind of sight I thought you'd appreciate on a Saturday :)
Daphne is a little bustier than you remember!
Not what you'd expect on a 5'2 frame and yet...
Some interesting proportions for your boner
Trying out new hypnosis methods 😇
A very pale Daphne!
I might act cute but I won't let you pull out!
In case you love them very, very pale
Here to wish you a beautiful weekend full of ghosties!
Is this how I'm supposed to wear this dress?
I might be shy at first but when you’re inside me I’ll be begging for your cum
These will definitely surprise you from a 5'2 frame!
Sprinkling a little bit of magic in your day!
They have good tittyfuck potential that's never been used
Narrow bones and a short frame don't mean I'm small everywhere!
Smiling for the camera :)
Pale and bouncy!
Everyone's favorite dress for some reason!
Body of a temptress, personality of a golden retriever
Let's keep each other warm 🥰
I love cooking, getting cozy and showing my big naturals!
Just like magic!
I don't even know where these came from!
I have a special kind of workout in mind and it heavily involves big tiddies!
I don't even know where these came from!
I spy with my little eye something pale and bouncy!
The outfit VS the tits
Your homebody girlfriend is obsessed with comfy clothes!
This is my riskiest dress so I'll only wear it for you!
Not the curves you'd expect from a 5'2 frame!
I was supposed to be tiny but my tits didn’t get the memo!
Please come to bed...
Pink and white 😉
My Onlyfans is 20% off right now 🥰 come playyyy 🙈🥰
Serving you my ghosties fresh out of the shower!
Me and my ghosties are always ready to celebrate Titty Tuesday!
This is how I like to chill at home
A cute, innocent dress
Body of a temptress, personality of a golden retriever :D
Dorky redheads and ghosties... need I say more?
If you're not sure about short redheads I have 2 more arguments for you!
This is your sign to cross-breed with a French redhead
Redhead with a bug surprise!
If Santa didn't bring you a busty redhead to breed, I'll deliver myself!
Apparently someone needed a 5'2 redhead with some curves [gif]
A nice angle for a busty redhead!
Did someone order a redhead on top?
Looks like someone is into wet redheads!
Just your 5'2 redhead next door, except… very busty!
A very risky dress for a busty redhead
Any weekend just gets better with a wet redhead!
Just a 5'2 redhead, nothing to see here!
Nothing better than a busty redhead welcoming you home!
Apparently someone needed a 5'2 redhead with big tiddies cause here I am!
The subtle art of seduction according to a busty redhead :p
Apparently someone ordered a cuddly redhead!
In case you like your redheads all natural!
A small redhead with soft naturals - ready to shower!
Don't look but there's a busty redhead on your bed!
Here she comes, the 5’2 redhead who’s way too busty for her own good!
Santa might bring you a pale redhead to breed!
A topless redhead a day keeps the doctor away!
Happy Sunday from a busty redhead!
You should try cuddling in bed with a soft redhead!
A topless redhead a day keeps the doctor away!
From cozy girlfriend to sexy redhead!
A cheerful redhead to wake you up properly!
The CIA is sending an all-natural redhead for a sexpionage operation [gif]
A know a redhead who will surprise you!
Don't look but there's a redhead on your desk!
Small redhead, big surprise!
I know a redhead who would LOVE a creampie right about now
That pale redhead + black lingerie combo...
When you asked for a fiery redhead but you get a silly one instead [oc]
Warming up for our breeding session, goofy redhead style :D
A wet redhead and her big tiddies
Redhead ready for her interview!
Apparently someone needed a 5'2 redhead with triple D's cause here I am!
From homebody GF to sexy redhead!
Not what you expected from the cute redhead next door!
This smile is how you can tell your redhead is eager to breed!
This is your sign to cross-breed with a French redhead!
Dropping ghosties to help you end this week well 🥰
I think your stay-at-home redhead is getting bored!
I can be your appetizer... they're too big for my hands!
I can't find a reason not to breed me, except maybe if you're allergic to dorks
Little froggy dropping ghosties :p
Red hair, pale skin, black dress
They're big enough for me to play...
You wouldn't guess what my 5'2 frame is hiding!
Sending you some strength for the week ahead 😘