I need someone to go on while we go down
Just imagine how dirty we could get in this elevator
POV you're the floor when I go shopping at the mall
Who wants to help me test out these mattresses in the store
My New Year's resolution is to flash more people at the mall
Showing off my teen DDs in the public restroom
I'm shoe shopping but I probably should buy a bra first
The skirt is just hiding the real treasure
Come on a date with me so I can flash you
Let me let you in on a little secret...
Just think of all the fun things we could do while shopping together
All these horny men at the mall have no idea
I need someone to go on while we go down
Quickly guess what color my panties are
Nobody at the mall knows my little secret
There are so many beds to test in the store what
The people at the store have no idea
The bed at the mattress store has room for the two of us
I'm just a teen mom looking to be bred again
Almost got caught showing off my teen DDs