hi I'm your new seXretary
Work is boring but I think I can make it a bit more entertaining
Monday’s don’t have to suck 😝
Can i provide some Monday motivation?
Finally all alone in the office
*a quick Tuesday spreadable edible*
no bra & no panties for my patients 💕
My goal for 2023 is to finally get fucked at the hospital 😈
Taking my bad dragon to work and fucking myself in the bathroom makes me feel like the Naughtiest Nurse in the Hospital
I heard you’re hungry, I brought some snacks for you babe. 🤤
Work (under)wear
Time to take that bathroom break and jerk off to me. 😈💦💦
Conference room tease
Hi, I'm new here 🙈 I know you have a lot of nurses, but figured you wouldn't mind another one hehe
we got some rare alone time so we wisely took advantage of it
Calling all naughty nurse lovers. I’ll meet you in the resident on call room, but I don’t plan on snoozing.
Today I felt very horny at office
Black on Black, featuring the first pantyless pantyhose of the season... (F)46
Dress Down Friday in Black... (F)46
Been wanting to see the boss's big racks behind those blazers? I gotchu! 😉
How about I give you a raise instead 😇
unbearably horny at work today
I need someone to take care of them
No bra Tuesday
Anyone feeling unwell? I feel bored during my night shift
A woman’s butthole is like a 9v battery, at some point ur gonna put ur tongue on it
Happy ThirstDay
Hi i'm your new secretary and you can spank me if i ever mess up
Thirsty Thursday
My office door is always open, so drop by anytime
Today for lunch i'd like a quickie please
Making my desk job a little less boring
Care to have a lick 👀 😉
My assignment for Titty Tuesday is a day late.. may I request an extension? 🙃
Navy and Chestnut... (F)46
Autumn Wardrobe - Activated! (F)46
Stop by for a visit 👅 if you have the day off
I better keep my sweater on at the office
A tease
No panties in the stall ready for you to eat me
Juicy peach 🍑
Hacked…but back!! Happy Weekend!
Boardroom meeting in 5 minutes
Want to watch me change at work?
Enjoying possibly the last warm day of the year with a dress and commando moment
I just couldn't help myself
want your turn?
I know it's Halloween but I thought panties were too scary for work 😇
This HR rep is serving cake in her office
Hope my coworkers didn't see 🤭🤭
Fact: Work doesn’t ever have to be boring
Casual Friday [oc]
Fill me up Dr cox
Since I got like 1000 requests for more, I made u another just now
wreck these holes over your desk
What the boss gets to see vs what Reddit gets to see
Whatever you say, boss
Working Sunday doesn't have to be boring
My boss’s desk….he’ll never know
I should be grading but flashing my tits in the teacher's bathroom is much more fun.
Every man likes naughty nurse
Had to make a quick stop before cumming to the meeting
How long should I keep this butt plug in, my patients will never know
A Case of the Mondays
My milkers at work
I started playing with my tits at my desk and things escalated quickly
whenever I have a minute alone at work I can't help but rub my pussy
please cum into my... office
I think I deserve a raise
I brought a toy with me to treat ur erectile dysfunction, here’s ur virtual appointment.
Baggy sweats, lacy panties, fair skin…just another day at work
Believe me when I say I’m a hard grinder at work. I grind even harder on your face or cock. 😈😮‍💨
Almost got caught filming this 🤭😆 whoops
I promise I’ll hold the moan if you pound me in the office
Happy Halloween!
I just got to the hospital and I’m already horny
Getting cheeky in my office
Literally have my skirt on backwards so the slit is facing my boss’s desk. Think he noticed?
Back to the grind
What would you do if you walked in on me filming in my office? 😏😈 [47f]
bend me over in the mailroom?? promise I'll be quiet
Tushy Tuesday… did I do it right?
Can i increase your productivity?
I got so horny between patients I had to show u! Ur favorite nurse practitioner
Checking patients like this right now
Would you work with me?
Casual day at work and decided to not wear undies hehe
It was casual day
Wore my plug all day at Dunkin 😚
Think my boss would be proud?
When I catch you checking me out... sure is chilly in here
Oops I dropped my pen
Can I get written up for this?
I heard you into naughty nurse in bikini...
You favorite naughty asian nurse working extra hard
oh no that was an accident! please don't tell anyone
It’s a no bra and no panties kind of day at work. 🤫😈
Let's meet in the bathroom stall
getting to the office first has it's perks...
I mean it is a hospital…let’s see if you are fit…