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Taking advantage of this sub’s Amateur Hour this weekend… for your consideration. Dear Diary, is it fibbing to act reluctant/cautious when your friend asks to fuck your ass…knowing full well anal is your superpower? 🤔 Love, Hotwife
DD, I caught this buck off guard cumming this quick and hard from anal… more to cum, Hotwife
Dear Diary, Tried something a little different at my friend’s request - eating ass 🍽🍑!!! Didn’t know what I was doing…but I went all in anyway. Toward the end of this clip I had a good rhythm going. 😀 More cumming, Love Hotwife
🚨 The post I didn’t want you to see. 👀 🚨 It’s almost too candid! 1) you hear me sounding like an absolute fuck slut banshee the whole time, 2) I spank MYSELF not once butt twice, and 3) I actually restrain this buck’s hand/arm at one point. Very aggro, top vibes. Love, *blushing* Hotwife 😊
Dear Diary, I move around too much during oral sex. Tried blurring my face and couldn’t keep up with the hair flips and level changes - so I blurred the whole thing for a Japanese porn feel 👩‍🎨 🎥. Love your experienced amateur, Hotwife
Dear Diary, I met up w u/Wooderdrinker for some much needed hotel fun. You can hear when I start to cum and soak us both. It’s good to have friends you can count on. Love, Hotwife
🚨 Who says you can’t meet anyone off of Reddit? :) Thanks for the fun time u/whoshallremainnameless 🔊 (I always enjoy everything better w sound - hope you do too)
Dear Diary, They say familiarity breeds contempt. A real pitfall, this is true. But give me familiarity if it means knowing exactly what his cock feels like when he’s about to fill me. 🔊 Sound up to hear my moans come just a fraction before his - remember: “dick don’t lie.” Love, Hotwife
Happy Saturday Diary, Here I am sharing my love of anal sex…he said this would be a cool angle to film from. He was right. He also teased me for some time before sliding in - you can hear how ready I was. Love, Hotwife
One of the dangers of sleeping with younger men who are not your husband… LED Blue Lights. Who knew 🤷🏽‍♀️
Dear Diary, Thought folks might enjoy another clip of a successful Redditor meet. 🙌🏽. But also can we just appreciate what my leg is doing here - never skip leg day. 💪🏽 Love, Hotwife (🔊 sound up as always)