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just a girl having fun posting nudes on the internet πŸ˜‹

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✨ Hey, i'm Rita! welcome to my page β™‘

i'm just an average girl from the US that reallyy enjoys showing my body on the internet ;) if you want to see my most explicit content, you're in the right place!
you get instant access to ~

β™‘ over 12+ hours of video
β™‘ lots of explicit pics with full nudity
β™‘ full boy/girl vids (squatfuck, doggy, cum shots, cream pies)
β™‘ ass clapping & shaking
β™‘ full length solo vids with toys (dildos, butt plugs, vibrator)
β™‘ oil content
β™‘ teasers of extra vids
β™‘ slow motion

and more! πŸ₯° i can't wait for you to see all of it πŸ’•

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it feels good to press my ass against the glass like this
are you craving something juicy?
i still want it to be thicker
my buns are basically begging to be clapped!
are you liking the way i ride it? the oil always adds to the experience i think ;)
just wait til i lift my shirt after i turn around...
will you fuck me in my leggings? i cut a hole in the back ;)
i want to get fucked in this outfit, it makes me feel so sexy
this is what i'm hiding under my shirt
i have some soft cheeks for you to play with [ba]
more ass than titty
this dress is way too long for me, but the rest fits pretty well if you ask me [f]
hope you like my waist to ass ratio
just wait, it jiggles more with my pants pulled down ;)
think this swimsuit is too revealing for the beach? πŸ˜…
this is what you'd see before i sit on you
would you let me bounce it on your cock?
hold on, let me pull down my shorts so it's easier for you to dive in πŸ˜„
i'm 125lbs of mostly ass!
i wish i could be naked all the time
i enjoy giving myself wedgies way too much
would you clap a pair of cheeks like mine?
do i have the kind of ass you'd plant your face in?
i cut open my bodysuit so you can go ahead and dive in πŸ˜‹
does it look good from this angle?
just wanted to flash you before pulling down my lil booty shorts πŸ₯°
taking off tight yoga pants is so satisfying to me
i made it easier for you to slide between my cheeks by not wearing panties πŸ˜‰
loving how my ass looks pressed against the glass
they're just a handful, but they're still fun to slap around
i got a nice cream pie after this 🀀 posted the full 13+ min sex tape to my wall, links in comments πŸ’•
forget about
hey, your takeout order has arrived!!
i have itty bitties in the front and some junk in the trunk in the back
lemme show you what i'm hiding under my hoodie, i hope you're an ass man...
this bathtub is pretty small, but i can think of ways to save space...(hint: it involves you inside me)
the oil makes it better, right?
i'm not a baker, but that doesn't mean i don't have cake!
i stuck my dildo to the bathtub and went to town <3
showing off the thickest part of me
any chance you're an ass man? i'm mostly booty ☺️
will you give my cheeks a good pounding? πŸ’•
i have some soft cheeks you can get lost in...if you want πŸ˜‰ [stba]
i have some buns back here i want to show you ;)
shaking it in the tiniest thong i own πŸ˜„
i've got bee stings in the front and a jiggly booty in the back :3 [stba]
my tits are small so i'm trying to grow my ass as much as i can [stba]
wanna play with my slippery ass?
are you liking the way my ass moves when i walk? ☺️
it's basically floss πŸ˜…
these shorts are so tight they look painted on
did you order an extra jiggly booty?
want me to smother you with it?
i feel like thigh highs can make any outfit better!
this thong is like floss for my cheeks 😏
will you bury your face in it before you pound it?
i look petite from the front, but i have some ass in the back <3
i don't have to use my hands to grip you...
do you like my waist to ass ratio?
does the way i ride turn you on?
will you help me workout by letting me do squats on your cock?
you don't mind if i park my buns on your face, right?
i want to bounce on something else...
i'd like to introduce my ass to your face, hope you don't mind ☺️
is that a telescope in your pants or are you just happy to see me? πŸ’«πŸ”­πŸŒ
it's very clear i'm not wearing anything under these 🀭
it just wouldn't feel right wearing a bra and panties under my sundress ;)
hope you like how my ass swallows up these green shorts :>
i hope my cameltoe from behind turns you on
my favorite clothes at all!
i pulled down my leggings so it's easier for you to dive in πŸ˜„
these aren't normal leggings, wait til you see the back! i think they're better like this [f]
i'm 5'3 with 40 inches of booty meat, mind if i smother you with it?
will you let me bounce on you?
i guess you could say i've got more booty than a pirate πŸ˜„
does it make you want to pound it when i move it like this?
if you're sleepy you can use my ass as your pillow
i pulled down my yoga pants, wanna dive in?
can i keep your face warm with my ass? πŸ˜„
i have more to grab in the back for suure
are you liking how it looks in this color? :3
plenty to smother you with
honestly i'm in the mood to get my cheeks clapped into the next dimension πŸ’•
it's probably not your birthday, but i still brought you some cake to eat! :D
it feels so good when i bounce on it
hope you like my new flare pants!! i got them in a size too small so they'd be extra tight on me ;)
bending over in my tiny booty shorts ;)
trying to make up for my small tits with my ass ☺️
hi, i'm ready to be your personal cumdump! πŸ˜„
soo, is there a fee to park my buns on your face?
wanna put your face in it while i make it clap?
these leggings are hugging it nicely! [f]
i'm just hoping that my ass can make you hard
do you like how it jiggles? maybe you'd like it more when it's pressed against you...
are you into girls that are 5'3, 125lbs of mostly booty? πŸ˜…
i have some buns under this shirt i want to show you ;)
pull my thong off with your teeth? πŸ˜‡ [f]
just wait, the party is in the back! πŸŽ‰
yeah i don't have big tits to motorboat, but i DO have an ass you can bury your face in [ba]
i like my yoga pants much more around my thighs like this