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Lover of 🤘rock and 🪨rocks. 🌲Outdoorsy 🎮gamer and 🔮fantasy geek. 🔧Handy and full of 💡tips. I like to 🤗share and see what the 🌍world thinks! I'm Katie! Your new favorite curvy girl next door 👅 I love sharing my wild moments with you! I enjoy making real couple BG content, 100% real orgasm videos, fun and creative photo sets and trying new kinky things! When I'm not cumming you can find me gaming, playing outside or getting crafty.

I do lots of extras! Ask me, I'm super friendly!

DMs are included - chat with me and I'll always respond!

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You meet me at a bar and then what happens
Do you like my twins more or the brothers behind me
How would you describe my figure
A live demonstration on how tight I am
Eat me like a peach with juices running down your chin
If I was poisonous would you still have a taste
Stick your tongue in me
I fucking love kissing and fucking
Let’s get straight to it, do my G’s work for you or not
The gang’s all here!
Quick! What’s your favorite movie
Do you prefer one hole over the other
This is how I plead my case for a Crumbl trip
I love a tip tease
I think you should fill me instead
Grab my pussy
You can call me on my shellphone
I need to you to play me like the bongos
I’m bouncing with excitement when it’s naked naughty time
Me when I want your attention
Should I cut my long hair
Peace, love and butterflies
Stick your face in there
Tit job or fucking to make them bounce
I need head before bed
I hope your girl doesn’t mind, I got horny and had to cum with her makeup brushes
I’m waiting for you to fuck me like this
He called me bad AF so I showed him my true self
POV I’m welcoming you home already wet and waiting for you to enter me
I'm not very bony at all
In case you ever wondered what twerking looks like from below (bonus: close wet spread!)
I was pretty good at bop it back in the day ;) pull it...twist it...BOP IT
Feed me, I need to taste you
Catch me if you can
Sexual sensory delights, slippery and jiggly
Am I getting anal for Christmas
This is the best way to put a smile on my face
Do you like when it's sweet and sticky
I'm just waiting for your face to get down there
I hope someone catches me being a little slut at the gym
Work sucks and you need a twerk in your face break
I'm trying to get pregnant tonight
Not heard is me saying Wow in total disbelief at what just happened
You don't mind that I've been bad this year do you
I love to be overflowing with cum - filling up my pussy until each thrust pushes out a wave of goo
Tell me if you're into fucking this messy
It's true, Wednesday was well fed at the Addams house
If you look really closely you can even see my butt
I can’t hear, did you say shake your butt some more?
I loved tasting cum all over my face and tits while I came
So many choice spots to grab, how do you pick
The messiest times are the most memorable
The spit was flowing and I was loving every moment
Perfect to slide right in me
From deep within and then back inside me
I love the feeling of it inside me [F]
Can I be your big titty muscle mommy
Will you lick me while I lick my titty
Would it be okay if I woke you up like this?
Would I keep you entertained
Don’t keep me wet and waiting!
If I fuck you reverse cowgirl, how long will you last?
Can you make Wednesday smile
For my legs day reward you will eat my ass
Pollinate my flower
The more you pull on my chain the wetter I'll get
I love reverse cowgirl when I know you’re enjoying this booty
My pussy was basically gasping for a break at the end of this one
Something about a clamp collar makes me dripping wet
I have endless energy for riding your dick
Big soft ones plus a big hard one is just the best time!
It's only memorable if you need a shower afterwards
They're hard to surprise with but sometimes I pull it off
The highway to hell is through my asshole
I am a total cum lover it's official!
My naughty mind and roleplays make me soaking wet
Wednesday is very unimpressed, change that
I had him edging inside this booty while I came
Care for a curvy christmas fuck fest
Nipples tender and sore plus pussy soaking wet!
Oh no how embarrassing my towel fell!
I want you licking and sucking through the fishnets
I'm just too excited for Christmas morning
Body like a shield maiden
I think I need assistance next time, this was way too fun
This is my only party trick ;)
I've got jiggles like jelly but not in my belly [Drop]
Let’s snuggle up and make each other cum!
I think you need my honey for breakfast
I love it with my legs together
A little encouragement goes a long way
Thick with a grabbable pussy and juicy pussy. I was made to fuck!
I kissed him and rode him until he filled me with this creampie - my favorite way to have sex!
This one tasted so good I tried to suck out another one
I love being pinned down
Cum play makes me so wet and open
I want you to really be able to imagine licking me
Wednesday is curious if maybe fucking will kill Pugsly
Let's fuck before the presents and again after
My pussy always rewards me when I play with my butt