My ass has gotten PHAT through the winter
With a booty this big I don't get told 'No' too often..
When I get this creamy I know a huge squirt is always close..
Needed BBC so bad there wasn't time to get my panties off
Found out later this wasn’t a nude beach like I was told it was πŸ‘€
Leave the lube at home we won't need it 😏
Do you like girls stacked at the front, back or both?
Cheeks so phat you can't tell which hole I'm fucking πŸ‘
The biggest I've seen it
My ass has gotten PHAT through the winter
I'm always curious to see where new guys will wanna start on me 😏
Splish splash, pls come and smash πŸ˜‰
I colour coordinate my lingerie with my pussy 😏
Nothing’s as good as the real thing, but this comes pretty close
The only part of me my neighbours don’t see is my asshole 😏
My first time on one of these chairs, I didn’t get off all night 🀀
🎡 Make the ground move, that’s an ASSquake 🎡
I wasn't expecting my new redditor bull to be so rough. Hubby's cock has actually never made me cum, yet here I am having multiple orgasms around a random's fingers
I hope you weren’t expecting to last longer than a few minutes 😏
Let's see how deep you can get 😏
Behind every good slut there's a hubby to get the good angles 😏
My ass actually bends the fabric of space and time 🍰
Peanut butter-thick
Training my skills. I wanna be a squirt goddess
Would your dick be impressive enough to make me clap? πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Honestly, phat asses were meant for anal 😏
This cowgirl needs a ride 😏
He was determined to make my ass clap
I was leaking like this for a while
Setting a new squirt PB every week 😏
Not a bad hiding spot 😏
Real life gummi bear
Climb on my deck and I’ll climb on your dick 😏
Hubby is locked 24/7, so a strap-on does the trick 😏
You still sure you've gotta work late tonight? 😏
Uh oh, Hubby discovered the slow-mo button... [F25]
Just a taste of what your dick is gonna get πŸ˜‹
Made him film to show hubby what a real man’s POV looks like
My natural tits have grown 3 cup sizes in the last year..
You're gonna have to trust he was pounding my ass
Hubby was so hard the first time he ate my pussy while I got fucked
Should I slow down when you slide in, or bounce faster?
Would only be more perfect if it was hubby’s tongue on my clit 😏
Always fuck a pawg in heels if you get the chance
All this ass-meat just here for the taking
[F]irst time pumping in years, excited to try and go bigger
Most are surprised to find out my first hotwife experience was getting spitroasted at a sex club. But it’s meant I’ve always felt right at home taking multiple cocks at once, especially with hubby watching on 😍
The dick was so good I had to catch my breath after
Buck naked and can still hide my plugs from you
Love feeding my ass with thick cock
Guys who eat my ass can do whatever they want to me
Is there anything sexier than a dripping wet pawg? πŸ’¦
I told him he can fuck me all night, but there’s a catch.. 😈
Wish someone was sucking on my clit while I rode this cock πŸ˜‹
Booty so big it slows down time 😏
This was the moment hubby realised I had a plug in 😏
I always give hubby a cheeky smile once I hit balls deep 😏
The people in the room next door went quiet as soon as we started fucking πŸ‘€
I love being on top but I’m sure you’d love it more
This is what my daily training looks like 😏
Could I get away with wearing this to a music festival? 😏
You’d think it was made out of Jell-O πŸ‘
I have to pinch myself at how many people have watched me get railed on camera...
The moment hubby watched me give my pussy to another man..
When doggy starts, I know hubby watching won't last the next 60 seconds πŸ’¦
Invited this Reddit bull up to the hotel to use me all afternoon 😍
Ironically, this is the creamiest hubby has ever felt me πŸ’¦
It's not till I actually watch my vids that I realise how creamy I get for my Bull 😳
Only one of these cocks was capable of destroying me 😏
I bet you’d love to make this ass jiggle all night long πŸ‘
If you have a big dick it's likely I'm gonna fuck you in this position
Hubby gets his mouth ready when he knows my bull is close [F25]
My ass is too big to fuck in the shower, so bend me over the sink instead 😏
Why do squats when I can do this instead? 😏
This was the first proper big cock hubby watched me take. I think I surprised him with how easy I took it 😍
Told him he could fuck me, forgot to mention his cage would be staying on 😏
I wasn't obsessed with riding dicks until I became a slutwife 😏
The things a big bull's cock will do to a girl... 😡
This Bull and I are so competitive we basically just try and out-fuck each other
I’m not sure there’s room for you between these cheeks 🍰
Hubby just busy living his absolute dream πŸ”₯
Guarantee I can take all of your dick 😏
Love how much depth I can take since becoming a slut 😍
It’s easier to spot Waldo than my asshole 😏
Extensive research shows this is the fastest way to drain your balls πŸ’¦
These lips love to grip ❀️
Spreading these cheeks is essential to getting balls deep 😜
I think we broke his chair 😏
I hope you appreciate thick thighs as much as a fat ass 🍰
POV: You're my cuck 😈
Giving my bull an entree before I destroy his cock like it’s my main meal
My favourite position is a guaranteed cum-drainer πŸ’¦
No lube required when I get this creamy πŸ’¦
You know you’re a slut when you can take it this easily from the start
I swear my tits are getting heavier 😳
This is a pussy that was made to take some punishment
Some positions are reserved for Bulls only 😈
How long till you spotted my cucky? 😏
Would you last longer than this gif if it was your dick? 😏
Lost count how many times I’ve made myself cum in the shower πŸ’¦
This is the closest hubby has come to fucking me in over a year 😈