This top is so tight, it takes me a while to get off (reveal)
I like that when I wear loose clothing people can’t tell how curvy I really am
Just ask and you can bury your face in these, hon
BTBF - What else are curves like this for, other than milking your cock?
Are you ready for these to bounce out?
Mommy may be dressed formally, but for you, maybe I can make an exception
Boing, boing, boing! [OC]
Oops, I forgot to check if my door was closed before I started playing with mommy titties [OC] [Reveal]
Ready.... Aim....
A good mommy is busty, and ready to help her boys out whenever they need it 💜
Would this scare you off if I wore this to our first date?
Mommy's just going to unbutton her shirt for you... (reveal)
Mommy's ready to go out, I hope I run into some nice young gentlemen
Son's gone to college, who's keeping me company?
A quickie, before daddy gets home
Hey baby, mommy's going to jiggle her titties for you
Exposing my milkers for your daily inspection
This top is so tight, it takes me a while to get off (reveal)
I like showing my tits off to boys who appreciate them [OC]
For the boys undressing me with their eyes today at church. Here are my mommy milkers!
Let my pull my shirt down for you boys to suckle on my titties - or to get a quick titty-fuck
Imagine that these are waiting for you every day when you get home
If you and your friends ran into me in the gym locker room, alone... Would you let me go? (rape)