Can't think too busy being a good fleshlight
Don't worry this won't reflect on your final bill, this is a free service
I hope you like my new fishnet bodysuit~
This is how you start Saturday
Hi! I'm your new neighbor I like enjoying my coffee topless I hope that won't be a problem
Can I tempt you into licking my butterfly?
100% natural
I really like not wearing panties under my dresses shhhh don't tell anyone
Your face is missing
I'd rather my butterfly stretch out on your cock
Mind if I take a seat? Face or cock it's your choice
Good morning! Let me start your Monday properly
I promise even if you bust quick we can go another round
Nipple play turns me on
Can't think too busy being a good fleshlight
I'm a little embarrassed about the size of my titties
Let me sit on your face for my birthday
Maybe you'd be interested in eating my pussy
Size does matter~and I like them big
Have an asstastic day!
As a woman it's my job to ensure I'm as easy access as possible
He had me so insanely turned on
How's the view?
Full of surprises
Spend your whole Saturday in my pussy
Did you enjoy watching? [F]