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Doing some baking
Jiggles leave you speechless
Armpit and tongue
Busty and petite, here i am
97 lbs and I like to daaaance
Practicing shrimp squats
Happy Thursday
Enjoying naked yoga
Single leg downdog to kapiasana πŸŒ™
Core work shows
Baking bunny whisk the eggs
Preparing dinner
Lets change the light bulbs
Light grey yoga pants booty
Happy Thursday babes
Hammer curlz [F]
Little nip strip out of a bikini
Pulled down my sweats to shake ass
Single leg downdog and open hip
Getting wavy
98 lbs and making it bounce
Hot Armpits
Gotta stay bendy ;)
Sexy long stubble
Taking a breath
Bicep curls [F]
Dolphin push-ups... feel the burn
Wiping down the oven
πŸŒ™ lunge > warrior 3 > low lunge
My chaturanga could be better but I keep working it
2 point downward dog. Filming adds extra challenge
Fierce Warrior ✌
Lift off with floating half moon pose
Booty shakes πŸ§‚
Slow mo booty jiggles
Crochet mini dress
Navasana boat bose
Happy Fridayyyy
Natural and lovely
Booty + curls ✨
Naked meditation
Working my balance in a yoga pose
Would you guess I'm 97 lbs?
Okay testing 1 2 3
Happy Friday!
Booty twerk, booty work!
Oily jiggling boobs
Here with the ratio dahlings
Split squat booty burner workout
Happy weekend
Kapiasana / low crescent lunge
First deep stretch of the day
Naked yoga sequence, lots of balance for this one
Shake the butt and jiggle
Beckoning breasts
Stretching calf + hamstrings
Funsized with fun boobs 😜
Getting naked for dumbbell lunges
Back and front in a white thong
How's my shape?
Boob jiggle is basically iconic
Combing my hair
Gettin a burn with the booty band [F]
Toppling Tree to Warrior 1 ~ sped up 3x
A struggle in floating half moon pose
Topless Bicep Flex πŸ”₯
Little butt jiggles in a pink thong
happy Wednesday